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So you have finally decided to explore natural skincare?! Welcome! Take a seat and let me explain why you will never turn back.

You may be under the impression that it will be a tough transition, but trust me…the natural skincare industry has come a long way since apple cider vinegar toners and yogurt masks. While those are still phenomenal in their way, I will introduce you to brands that worked hard at making clean and non-toxic products luxurious and very effective. 

Always keep in mind that it is not just your body that will reap the benefits of a detoxed routine but our environment as well.




The definition can vary from company to company and this is why educating yourself on how to read and understand ingredients is so crucial. 

One of the most fundamental factors to understand is what naturally derived skincare actually isn’t. It isn’t a promise promoted by marketing jargon on front labels. It isn’t a catchy commercial claiming that products are natural or organic. Did you know that any company can say “Natural” or “Clean” on its label? Yep, these words hold no value. 

The sad truth is that this is a very unregulated industry and there are so many loopholes that companies use to manipulate the consumer into thinking they are using a product that is clean and natural when in fact, it’s toxic. 

On the bright side, natural skin and body products are most definitely available and there are quite a few skincare brands that have dedicated themselves to curating high quality, chemical-free skincare. Choosing products that use natural and sustainable ingredients takes a little extra effort but with practice, it will become second nature and it will be so worth it.

The best natural skin care products are made by brands that are trustworthy and stick to transparency. As a basic rule of thumb, stay away from any questionable ingredients, and make sure the formulations are at minimum free from:

  • Parabens (endocrine disruptors) 
  • Formaldehyde (cancer risk)
  • BHA & BHT (endocrine disruptors & cancer risk)
  • Phthalates (endocrine disruptors & developmental toxin)
  • Siloxanes ( uterine tumors, endocrine disruptors & reproduction harm)
  • Chemical Sunscreens (endocrine disruptors & cell damage)
  • Synthetic Fragrance (carcinogen, organ toxin, reproduction harm) 




There is only one very simple answer here folks…and that is YES!

High quality, natural skin care products can fill all the promises of standard, chemical-ridden products. You do not have to scarface a thing….it just takes a little time and patience to find the right routine for you. We all have different needs and different sensitivities, it is a wonderful time to get to know your skin and what it needs to thrive as much as what it doesn’t need. Keep in mind our body doesn’t like harsh chemicals in skincare and our health may not immediately show the side effects of carcinogens and endocrine-disrupting compound exposure…but over time the health risk is likely to be very high. 

One of the common mistakes we make is assuming that the most expensive products on the market are the best for us. This is not the case. Many high-end brands are very low quality and use toxic-ingredients that at the end of production should cost more along the lines of a bargain department store brand. 

Limiting our toxic-load is vital for our overall health. Our skin absorbs whatever we apply to it, within seconds, straight to our bloodstream. This is what natural skincare products are a wiser choice. It is not just about skincare, makeup, and haircare….it is about the exposure our children have at such a young age, our pets who do not have a choice, our homes where we rest and recoup. All of these areas encompass self-care and they are all important enough to detox. 




So, what is the deal with “Organic Natural Skincare Products”?

What is the difference between “Natural Ingredients” and “Organic Ingredients” in skincare?

Here is the thing, I have come across many AMAZING Indie brands who have really come through when it comes to manufacturing practices, sustainability, creativity, and care for the ingredients used within their line. 

Becoming a certified organic line is an expensive process…and guess what? Currently, there is no federal regulation for organic cosmetics. So we still come back to the same point….It is important to read ingredients to truly understand what a product holds inside. You will find that many brands indicate which ingredients are organic and which are non-GMO, etc. It is important to get to know and trust the brands you choose to use. It is a relationship built on trust and similar core values. 




While many clean and green skincare brands are Cruelty-Free, it doesn’t always mean they are “Vegan”. “Cruelty-Free” means the products and their ingredients have never been tested on animals and “Vegan” means no animal by-products are used in the formulation.

Honey, beeswax, keratin, and collagen are some of the ingredients never used in a natural vegan skincare product. While it may seem that these products are also always organic and natural, be aware…some use synthetic substitutes. Always be vigilant when reading the ingredients.

The Lilly.B store will always do the hard work for you and showcase the highest quality “Clean” products on the market. 

This can be a fun process of learning and discovery. We are here to help you discover green beauty and the benefits it brings to the table. 


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